Think back one year, when wearing masks, not eating out, not going anywhere, not shaking hands, not giving hugs was unfamiliar. Now it’s just another day in paradise.

By April of last year, a global pandemic had shocked our sense of reality and isolated us in our homes and remote…

Words and music

My early memories of Labor Day are shrouded with a sense of anxiety. Summer was over, a new school year was about to begin, with all the social and temporal regimen that implied. I was happier as a night owl exploring the world on my own or…

Walls Work

Two words and I’ve already got everyone’s hackles up.

On the face of it, a generalized statement characterizing walls as objects that “work” is absolutely true. Add one word to that statement — “always” — and now we have a negotiation on our hands. Do walls work at…

Tom Schueneman

Environmental Writer, Online Publisher, Speaker. Founder of the PlanetWatch Group. Member, Society of Environmental Journalists and Pacific Media Workers Guild

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